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BMW Mini Structure

Location Milan, Italy
Region Europe
Material PVC, Air Purify
Engineering Maffeis Engineering
Application Facade
Market Sector Entertainment / Leisure
Size 215 sqm
Year 2017

For the 2017 edition of Salone del Mobile in Milano, SO-IL Architects in collaboration with MINI LIVING created a prototype of “creative use of the space”. The three-story structure is made of a modular metal frame, surrounded by a textile skin.The Taiyo Europe GmbH has been commissioned with the realization of 215m² for the exteríor membrane, which was made with two different types of PVC meshes: Purify Mesh 30 and TiO2. Taiyo Europe GmbH was responsible for the delivery and fabrication of the PVC mesh material, mastering the challenge of creating a complex structure under time pressure with commitment and ingenuity.