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Centre Balexert Genf

Standort Genf, Schweiz
Region Europa
Material ETFE
Schichten 5
Architekt S+M Architectes SA
Ingenieurwesen Ramseier & Associates LTD.
Anwendungsbereich Roof
Wirtschaftssektor Kommerziell
Größe 2600 qm
Jahr 2019

The commercial center Balexert is one of the most important of the city of Genève in Switzerland. It was open on the 1971 and on the following years it was renew and increased till today that it has a surface of almost 70.000 m2 and hosting 120 different shops.Taiyo Europe GmbH was called by the company Hevron SA in order to realize the relooking of the central court where the old roof has been substituted with the ETFE cushions for a total surface of 2.600 m2. In August 2019, the work has been successfully completed. Taiyo Europe GmbH was responsible for the engineering, production and installation of the 26 ETFE 5 layers printed cushions and the related insulated clamping aluminium profiles.