The target of Taiyo Europe Group´s research and development activities is to generate added value for client´s projects.

Taiyo Group has several locations, where research and development is carried out, as well as material and component tests.


No membrane material is used until it has successfully completed an extensive testing program and has been released for the intended purpose. It is no coincidence that Taiyo is a leading company in membrane construction. We want to continue to live up to this claim to leadership by constantly improving our products.

The quality of our products is shown by the satisfaction of our customers. The innovative power of the company is shown by the novelty of the products and the projects worldwide.

Research & Development examples

Fig. 1, 2: 10,000 m² ETFE foil cushion with approx. 3,000 m² integrated photovoltaic modules - Office for Waste Management Munich (AWM) 2012
Fig. 3, 4 Multifunctional facade modules (MFM) with ETFE foils, photovoltaics and switchable LEDs, prototypes, Spain 2017
Fig. 5 Algae Reactor, Expo Milano, 2013
Fig. 6: Lodz Tramstation, digitally printed ETFE-Foil, single-layer, Poland, 2013
Fig. 7, 8 Lord’s Cricket Ground, grand stand roof, Tensotherm® - translucent double layer membrane with translucent 16 mm aerogel layer, thermal transmissance (U-value) 1.61 W/(m²K), UK, 2017
Fig. 9, 10: MERCK Transformer Station, ETFE-Foil single layer structure with digital printing and organic photovoltaics, Darmstadt, 2017

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