Because smiling makes the world go round.

Fuwa-Fuwa Dome is a membrane trampoline that utilizes the power of air. Children will be able to jump, bounce, slide and play to their hearts content in the open air. “Fuwa-Fuwa Dome” are becoming immensely popular and attracting large numbers of users around the world.

Because smiling makes the world go round

Fuwa-Fuwa Dome is enjoyed by numerous park-going children worldwide.

The Fuwa-Fuwa Dome comes in 3 types based on customer specifications such as site size. In addition to these, we offer custom-made domes for covering large spaces or conforming with the contours of the site.


According to our clients who operate a park with our Fuwa Fuwa Dome:

  • The dome is one of the most popular attractions of the park
  • Children playing on the dome is genuinely enthralled by the experience
  • Children are occupied on the dome for long periods of time (average 40 minutes to 2 hours)

For more information please read in our Fuwa-Fuwa brochure here or contact us via info@taiyo-europe.com

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