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Smart solutions. Feather-light insulation layer achieves new tensile fabric applications.

Tensotherm™ with Lumira™ aerogel offers similar architectural benefits as PTFE fiberglass tensile fabric membrane, but with the added benefit of a feather-light translucent insulation layer. This layer, known as Lumira™ aerogel, developed by Boston-based Cabot Corporation, makes it the lightest and best insulator in the world. Tensotherm system is a composite of outer and inner layers of PTFE fiberglass fabric with a Lumira™ aerogel core.


  • World’s lightest solid (95% air)
  • World’s best insulating solid
  • Highly translucent
  • Hydrophobic – resists mold & mildew
  • Outstanding acoustic dampening ability
  • Reusable

Tensotherm - High efficiency insulated PTFE fiberglass membrane roofing combines all the advantages of tension membrane roofing plus:

  • Fully insulated lightweight roof cladding to reduce substructure and foundation sizes versus all other systems of equal insulation value on the market.
  • Fully insulated long span roof cladding to reduce construction durations and provide open spans.
  • Fully insulated translucent roof cladding to maintain natural day lighting and reduce the need for artificial light.
  • Fully insulated acoustical roof cladding eliminating the need for a secondary acoustical system.
  • Superior insulation performance as Lumira™ aerogel: the lightest most efficient insulation on the market.
  • Permanent performance: the combination of PTFE fiberglass and Lumira™ aerogel will perform the same in year 30 as in year 1.


An aerial thermograph is revealing Tensotherm’s robust insulating capabilities.


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