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Estadio Fonte Nova Salvador

Location Salvador, Brazil
Region South America
Material PTFE
Architect Schulitz + Partner Architekten BDA,
Braunschweig, Germany
Engineering RFR Ingenieure GmbH,
Stuttgart, Germany
Application Roof
Market Sector Stadiums / Arenas
Size 28 000 sqm
Year 2013

Through its subsidiary Taiyo Birdair do Brasil (TBB), Ltda. of São Paulo, Brazil, Birdair provided the design, fabrication and supply of the tensile membrane roof on Fonte Nova Stadium in Salvador, Brazil. Fonte Nova features three levels of seating in the shape of a horseshoe, with the opening at the southern end overlooking the picturesque Dique do Tororó. The oval-shaped roof design complies with FIFA World Cup guidelines to provide cover for the stadium’s 50,000 spectators while meeting aesthetic, acoustic and environmental impact requirements.