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Mexican Pavillion EXPO 2015 Milano

Location Milan, Italy
Region Europe
Material PVC
Architect Francisco López Guerra
Engineering Maffeis Engineering S.p.A,
Solagna, Italy
Application Facade
Market Sector EXPO
Size 2700 sqm
Year 2015

With its four-storey theme pavilion, Mexico aimed to bring people closer to nature and food production again - inspired by the symbol of traditional Mexican cuisine, corn. The idea of the architect Francisco López Guerra was to celebrate the most important cereal of Mexico, thus the shape of the pavilion recreates a big corn cob. Our company participated in this challenge covering the structure with 19 PVC mesh printed leaves. We were also in charge of the delivery and installation of the ETFE facades, the ETFE cushions covering the dome above the entrance sculpture, as well as the PVC velaria placed on the restaurant on the roof of the pavilion.