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Place Rogier

Location Bruxelles, Belgium
Region Europe
Material ETFE, PVC, Cable Structure
Layers 1
Architect XDGA
Engineering Taiyo Europe, Konstrukt AG
Application Roof, Ceiling, Canopy
Market Sector Entertainment / Leisure
Size 3000 sqm
Year 2018

Taiyo Europe was contracted to design, fabricate, and install the awning roof, which is consisting of ETFE film and PVC membranes, covering an area of 65 meters in diameter.

The structure was made of 6 single layer ETFE film panels, supported by stainless steel wind cables inside the pockets at a 750mm interval. The PVC triangles were installed on rigid steel frames,
point fixed to the main structure. Together, they provide a chess board type of shading on the ground below. A total of 3,000 m² of ETFE film and 1,700 m² of PVC material was used for this project.