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Rennes Trainstation

Location Rennes, France
Region Europe
Material ETFE, Other
Layers 3
Architect Agence Duthillieul / Atelier d' Architecture Gare & ConnexionsAgence Duthillieul
Engineering LEICHT Structural engineering and specialist consulting GmbH
Application Roof
Market Sector Transportation
Size 3500 sqm
Year 2019

The original Rennes train station was not only a physical barrier between the north and the south of the city, but it was also unsuitable for the visitors flow that will double during the next two years, due to the construction of the new high-speed train line and the new underground line. The Architect’s idea was to welcome the travellers with a re-built landscape. Trees come alive inside the train station with steel columns that end with branches made by wooden beams, in order to support the sinuous and wavy ETFE roof that resembles fog. Considering the necessity to use sustainable and recyclable materials, steel, wood and ETFE were used.