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Wanda Metropolitano Stadium

Location Madrid, Spain
Region Europe
Material PTFE, Steel Structure, Cable Structure
Architect Cruz y Ortiz Architectos
Engineering Schlaich Bergermann Partner spb gmbh Maffeis Engineering SpA
Application Roof, Facade, Ceiling, Canopy
Market Sector Stadiums / Arenas
Size 85 000 sqm
Year 2017

This is now one of the most technologically advanced and breathe taking football stadiums in the world. It boosts capacity of 68,000 seats with spectators enjoying close proximity to the game and yet spacious and luxury feel of the space. Taiyo-Europe was responsible for the detailed engineering, fabrication and installation of the tensile roof structure, including its cable net system, big lift procedure and PTFE-glass membrane roof, in a mix of solid and mesh materials. This project was awarded with 2019 International Achievement Award (IAA).